Calculate the volume of a Borrow Pit and the liner area
Depth Depth of borrow pit
Length Top of slope to top of slope
Width Top of slope to top of slope
Enter either a Slope Ratio or both Base measurements.
Base Length
Base Width
Choose from Metric or US units
Freeboard (ft) Vertical dist. from ground to gravel top
Anchorage (ft) Allowance for anchor trench
Slack % Each direction
Liner Length
Liner Width
Liner Area
Volume Cubic Meters
Cubic Feet
Volume Barrels (petroleum)
gallons (US)
gallons (Imperial)
This calculator works for rectangular borrow pits only. It will provide a volume for tanks with vertical walls if you enter a 0 in the slope ratio box. If you enter a borrow pit base measurement the slope ratio box will be deactivated. A borrow pit can have a different slope on the length and width if you use the base measurements.

Automatic recalculation