11 September 2012

The Tools section to our website now offers our users four tools for convenient calculations. We have included an Area Convertor, Distance/Length Convertor, and a Basic Volume Convertor for simple conversion calculations between several different units of measurement. Additionally, the Compass Borrow Pit Volume Calculator provides a volume calculation which accounts for borrow pit variables such as slope and liner dimensions.

15 August 2012

As part of our constant pursuit to better meet client needs, Compass strives to continually provide highly trained professionals who are equipped with top of the line technology. With a high demand for construction surveys, Compass has acquired Leica Sprinter 250M digital levels which greatly increase the standard for construction site levelling. The Leica Sprinter 250M increases productivity and quality in construction surveying by increasing both the accuracy and the speed of the measurements performed. With a built-in memory and calculation software that includes Delta Height, Line Levelling, as well as Cut & Fill applications, the potential for human error is reduced and the construction survey is completed in less time.

16 July 2012

Compass Geomatics Ltd. would like to welcome Peter Lund, A.L.S., to the company. Peter received his Bachelor of Science in Geomatics Engineering from the University of Calgary in 2007 and has made impressive strides in his career since then. He has held a variety of roles in the survey industry including, Crew Chief, Plan Checker, Field Operations Manager, and Project Management. “We are extremely excited to have such a versatile and dynamic young professional join our team, Peter is a top performer and we look forward to his valuable contribution,” said Wayne Savoury, General Manager.

01 June 2012

Compass Geomatics Ltd. would like to thank its employees and contractors for their continued dedication to the promotion of a safe work environment for all. We are proud to announce that a Compass field crew comprised of John Cairns and Bruce Flavelle recently underwent and passed an inspection by a Government of Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Officer, who found no items of non-compliance. According to the final inspection report, the OHS Officer observed that the crew had an active safety management system in place at the work site, with a written Hazard Assessment & Safety Tailgate Meeting report completed prior to the work day, an emergency response plan, first aid training certificates, accessible first aid kit, and proper personal protective equipment. Safety is our first priority at Compass and we are very pleased to work with individuals like John and Bruce who exemplify our commitment to safety every day.

28 March 2012

Compass Geomatics Ltd. is pleased to announce that we are now registered with PICS, a contractor pre-qualification company that focuses on safety. At Compass, safety is always a priority and we appreciate that safety is also paramount to our clients. Contractor safety management systems may vary from one client to the next, but the ultimate goal of ensuring a safe workplace is shared by all. In addition to PICS, Compass has COR accreditation, and is registered with ISNetworld and Complyworks.

23 February 2012

On May 4th and 5th, 2012 at the Olympic Oval in Calgary, Alberta, Ronald McDonald House® Southern Alberta hosts the 9th Annual Cassie Campbell Street Hockey Festival presented by Penn West Exploration. Compass Geomatics Ltd. is the proud sponsor of this year’s Silent Auction which will take place throughout the event, the proceeds of which will go towards Ronald McDonald House® Southern Alberta and its worthy cause. “Ronald McDonald House® Southern Alberta is a compassionate, safe and affordable home away from home for out-of-town families whose children are receiving treatment in a local Calgary hospital. The purpose of Ronald McDonald House® Southern Alberta is to keep families together and provide a supportive environment while the family member is being treated for their illness”. (14 February 2012 http://www.rmhsouthernalberta.org).

For more information about this event, team registration, or how to donate a Silent Auction item please visit http://www.rmhsouthernalberta.org.