19 January 2012

At Compass Geomatics we believe that when it comes to surveying oil and gas well site and pipeline programs for your company, a 3D Planning Session with your team is an invaluable method to reduce the overall time and cost of survey.

A 3D Planning Session allows team members from disciplines such as Geology, Drilling, Facilities, Production, and Surface Land to review the entire scope of a project and all stakeholder involvement on a 3-dimensional terrain model with aerial photography in order to propose well locations and pipeline routes that are the most beneficial to the team and company overall. When all disciplines are able to agree on proposed locations and routes at this stage, it eliminates the need to re-survey in the future due to the needs of any one specific discipline not being met by the original surveys. Viewing the maps in 3D allows the team to make well location and pipeline routing decisions quickly which can greatly reduce field scouting time and costs. Since the flyover planning session allows each discipline to voice their particular needs for the well location and pipeline routing, should there be any surprises at the time of field survey that prevent us from surveying the location or route as proposed, we are better informed to provide the best move alternatives. This can also greatly reduce field time and survey costs.

If your office is located in Calgary, Alberta and you are interested in booking a complimentary Lunch & Learn 3D Planning Session Demonstration, please give us a call today at (403) 356-0111 and we will arrange to bring lunch and a demonstration to you and your team!