31 January 2024

The DJI M350 RTK Combo with Zenmuse L2 LiDAR Attachment!
DJI M350 RTK Combo Highlights:
•         Industry-leading RTK technology for centimeter-level accuracy.
•         Powerful flight performance with enhanced wind resistance.
•         Extended flight time for more efficient data collection.
Zenmuse L2 LiDAR Attachment Features:
•         Cutting-edge LiDAR technology for precise 3D mapping.
•         Capture detailed terrain data with incredible accuracy.
•         Streamline workflows with efficient point cloud processing.
•         Enhance project efficiency with rapid data acquisition.
The DJI M350 RTK Combo with Zenmuse L2 is a versatile drone solution designed for a range of professional applications in surveying, mapping, and geospatial data collection. Here are some common use cases for this combination: Please reach out to find out how this can be used on your next project with Compass.
1.        Surveying and Mapping:
•         Capture high-resolution aerial imagery for accurate mapping and surveying.
•         Generate detailed 3D models of terrain and structures.
•         Conduct topographic surveys with precise georeferenced data.
2.        Construction and Infrastructure Inspection:
•         Conduct aerial inspections of construction sites for project monitoring.
•         Generate point clouds and 3D models for construction progress tracking.
•         Inspect infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and buildings with LiDAR technology.
3.        Mining and Quarrying:
•         Plan and optimize mining operations using aerial surveys.
•         Monitor stockpiles and assess volumes of extracted materials.
•       Conduct slope stability analysis.
4.        Power and Utility Inspections:
•         Inspect power lines, transmission towers, and pipelines.
•         Identify potential issues and conduct routine maintenance.
•         Generate detailed reports for asset management.