19 January 2018

Did you know…….

 Compass is fully equipped for all your UAV/drone needs – our current inventory contains 1 fixed wing and 21 rotary UAVS. The fixed wing works great for larger areas, typically of a quarter section or more. Rotary drones are more suited for smaller areas which require detailed work. Compass employs 5 pilots who operate under a special flight operations certificate (SFOC). With permission this allows us to operate within controlled airspace (close to airports, towns, etc). The remainder of our crews are all trained to use rotary UAVs in uncontrolled airspace throughout the province.

Drone survey deliverables can be used for a wide variety of complex tasks. After the data has been processed a point cloud can be created with 2-4cm between nodes. This data can provide very accurate measurements, volumes, digital terrain models (DTMs), and ortho-photos.