28 May 2024

"Congratulations to all our team members whose dedication and hard work led us to win the Service Professionals of the Year 2024 award, presented last weekend in Red Deer."


31 January 2024

The DJI M350 RTK Combo with Zenmuse L2 LiDAR Attachment!
DJI M350 RTK Combo Highlights:
•         Industry-leading RTK technology for centimeter-level accuracy.
•         Powerful flight performance with enhanced wind resistance.
•         Extended flight time for more efficient data collection.
Zenmuse L2 LiDAR Attachment Features:
•         Cutting-edge LiDAR technology for precise 3D mapping.
•         Capture detailed terrain data with incredible accuracy.
•         Streamline workflows with efficient point cloud processing.
•         Enhance project efficiency with rapid data acquisition.
The DJI M350 RTK Combo with Zenmuse L2 is a versatile drone solution designed for a range of professional applications in surveying, mapping, and geospatial data collection. Here are some common use cases for this combination: Please reach out to find out how this can be used on your next project with Compass.
1.        Surveying and Mapping:
•         Capture high-resolution aerial imagery for accurate mapping and surveying.
•         Generate detailed 3D models of terrain and structures.
•         Conduct topographic surveys with precise georeferenced data.
2.        Construction and Infrastructure Inspection:
•         Conduct aerial inspections of construction sites for project monitoring.
•         Generate point clouds and 3D models for construction progress tracking.
•         Inspect infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and buildings with LiDAR technology.
3.        Mining and Quarrying:
•         Plan and optimize mining operations using aerial surveys.
•         Monitor stockpiles and assess volumes of extracted materials.
•       Conduct slope stability analysis.
4.        Power and Utility Inspections:
•         Inspect power lines, transmission towers, and pipelines.
•         Identify potential issues and conduct routine maintenance.
•         Generate detailed reports for asset management.


02 February 2023

Compass Geomatics is excited to have Norman Chan join our team.  Norm will be based out of our Calgary office set to open in March 2023 and will assist in the role of a Senior Project Manager to provide services to our growing client base.    

Norm started his career Articling in 2006 and brings over 15 years of industry experience as an Alberta Land Surveyor.  

Norm can be reached at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or 1-403-809-7630

06 June 2022
Seventy-eight years ago today. Operation Overlord - June 6, 1944. Surveyors laid the groundwork.
19 May 2022

Our new Calgary branch office is under construction! This location will provide much-needed space for our growing team.